Panache, established in 2009, is a Consultancy & Executive search firm of experts, which is providing specialized tailor made services in resourcing and manpower and its economic utilization and , optimizing capital structure to corporates.

Panache, recognizes that critical factors for success of any business depends upon:-
  • Proper systemsof financial accounting,
  • Financial & propriety auditing for having adequate checks & balances to ensure proper usage of funds.
  • Implementation of most suitable model of taxation planning
  • Skilled, motivated and dedicated human resources.
  • Prudent financial planning,both for short term and long term needs,
  • Tapping the right sources for meeting the financial needs at least cost.
  • Suitable financial structure - mix of Debts and owners' fundto have benefit of financial leverage,


A carefully dealt present-day lays the foundation for a strong and a bright future. Our main focus is to build a robust organization, for future generations

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We understand specific problems, needs and requirement of the Clients and accordingly make tailor made solution.

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Quality Assurance- The standard of the services provided have to be incomparable in order to earn respect. We achieve the desired quality

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We Advise Clients Across Industries, Ranging From Small And Medium
Size Companies To Large Family Businesses Across India.


Panache HR Services is a Prominent Talent Acquisition and Specialist Organisation consisting team of competent professionals providing consultancy services.

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We appreciate that your Finances are of utmost importance to you. When it comes to money, it always pays to be on strong footing.Our understanding of the client

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We understand that in today's time, planning taxes can be an extremely daunting task and organizations need more than just tax planning guidance from their tax advisors

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