About Panache Advisory

Panache, is a Financial Consultancy and Executive search firm of experts, which is providing specialized tailor made services in resourcing finance and manpower and its economic utilization including, optimizing capital structure and fund raising for the Corporates.

We are committed to providing services to our clients with, Quality, Integrity and Reliability. We act as a one stop shop for the entire client’s advisory, taxation & manpower needs.

In Panache, we also firmly believe that Advisory needs of a business entity are unique depending upon its nature and scale of business. Financial planning being a complex issue where numbers of alternatives are available from vast large number of institutions, selection of the best alternatives at least cost requires the services of experts to have specific tailor made solution.

Panache, being a group of specialists in this field is providing tailor made solution to its clients for more than one decade. Panache serves as the missing link between business projects conceived & its implementation by assessing financial requirement, helping in selecting the Financial Institution that can offer - Best Rate and Services, while tying up for financial requirement.

Business advisory, Private Equity participation are some of the highly essential services that we provide with the back-up of a constant support till the finalization of your objective. We also guide our clients for the selection of the best alternative source to Lowest Cost, thus increasing the Bottom Line.

We achieve the desired quality in a given time as our work culture digs in honesty, teamwork, personal excellence, individual progress, and mutual respect. The results we deliver transpire from the dedicated work we do, hence striking nothing but gold.

Panache constantly works towards enhancing value to money; creating trustworthy relationship with its clients; have transparencies in the dealings and maintaining confidentiality of clients’ information and data.

With a view to broad base its service offering and also to capitalize on its strong franchise in the region, Panache expanded its services in Human resource sector as well in the subsequent years.